Inside Asia’s Longest Cave

Vietnam was one of the most beautiful destinations I have even been to. The nature is wild and unsoiled. The people are honest and welcoming. The food is…interesting…

The images in this blog have been taken with my humble phone camera (Sony  Experia Z2). This is to prove that good photography is not about the fancy SLR, but your capacity to see and capture a special image.

One of the best days in my life started in the mountains of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam, home of the second longest cave in South East Asia- the Paradise cave. Surrounded by forested karst peaks, this remarkable cave system extends for 31km! Visitors can explore the initial cave gallery, which is illuminated and supported by walking rails and viewing platforms. After this initial ‘exhibition gallery’ the cave becomes wild, dark, lonely…

Vietnam cave visit

Visitors can purchase a 7km tour that provides a knowledgeable guide and packed lunch.

The head torches we were give in exchange of some local currency penetrated the total darkness of the Paradise cave and here we were- a bunch of adventure thirsty westerners inside a big hole in the Vietnamese mountain chain.


After almost 7km, the darkness of the cave was broken by a hole in the top of the cave. The illuminated spot was bursting with life – trees, tropical fauna, birds and insects were suddenly just above our heads.

The day expedition in the cave took the whole day. Once out from the cold, dark and amazingly beautiful insides of the mountain we headed back to our hotel.


The evening was magical, the sun was setting behind the Vietnamese mountains outlining the stunning silhouette of the famous rock formations we see in dream destination brochures.

vietnamese mountains

image credit: Doroteya (camera Sony Mobile Phone) 

The last of the sunshine was reflecting in the watery rice fields, while the only surrounding noise was coming from the evening songs of the birds and water insects.

rice fields vietnam

image credit: Doroteya (camera Sony Mobile Phone) 

The experience was extraordinary, exciting, a bit dangerous – highly recommended.

Useful tip:

*The 7km cave track is stunning, but not recommended to people with any disabilities, fears of dark or tight/small spaces!

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