Macro Worlds

Would bet you any money that you won’t guess what is being photographed above. Giving up? OK, it’s an image of mold!

That’s right, the little fungus growing on rotting organic material. The wonderful process of decomposition. But I won’t talk about the importance, or how to get rid of of mold here- quite the opposite.

I began by cultivating mold in laboratory dishes. The mold had different aspect, size, colour and so on depending on what was the origin of the organic material that it was growing on.

I have photographed mold using the following organic material as a constructive base:

  • Used tea bag (great plant material plus the moist of the water)
  • Human sneeze (the bacteria and saliva moist created unbelievably perfect circles!)
  • Tomato concentrate (not as good looking mold)
  • Rotten apple (fantastic range of colours)

Here is what mold looks like…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The end results were fascinating. I was most amazed by the mold grown by the human sneeze and still have no clue why it formed perfect circles? If anyone knows the answer I would love to know it please!

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