Lava in Surrey?


lava river

Not exactly, although you might agree that it looks like we have captured an image of a hot, red, burning lava.


just a vine leaf

In reality, it’s just a close up of an autumn vine leaf from the local vineyard in Denbies, Dorking, Surrey. One of the greatest beauties of the autumn landscapes is the saturation of warm colours all around. Leaves and trees are fantastic subject to photograph, especially in late afternoons when the light is soft and warm adding further saturation and mood to the landscape.

The texture and the colours (red, yellow, black) of the aged leaf becomes a great analogy of burning hot, lava rivers with black islands of cooled matter.

The reason why vine leaves turn red in autumn is due to pigments called anthocyanins probably protect leaves from light damage by direct shielding and by scavenging free radicals.

So, autumn is a fantastic time of the year for photographers to get out there are take as much material to work with during the cold, long winter months as possible. If you’ve got a busy lifestyle as I do, you might be ready to release your images by April the following year 😉

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