Beauty is Female

My style has often been described as ‘interesting’, but I suppose realistic drawings just aren’t my cup of tea.

Here are some of my latest works, drawn with ink pen on paper.

ink on paper fashion drawing

Once I create the drawing using just ink pen on white paper I take a photo of it and upload to my computer. Then I add colour and play with shapes, textures and forms using various photo editing and painting platforms such as Photoshop, Paint and others.

Photoshop painted

The following drawing has been edited and painted on my phone. It’s quite amazing what you can achieve in photo editor…


For me the beauty is not represented by the clothing, or the face, nor even the hair or shoes. I think the beauty is in the body and the body language of my models.


Mixing hand drawing with digital techniques is just another technique I’m exploring at the moment. Traditional colours and paints tend to be messy…

red hair

The last drawing has a bit of a political message, and although it’s not something I like to get involved in while drawing it just came out of nowhere. I think I called the drawing below ‘freedom’ and I think it speaks for itself.

drawing ink pen on paper

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