Plovdiv in Bulgaria is one of the oldest cities in Europe and one of the few in the world that has been continually inhabited for over 8000 years.

The following images have captured the spirit and some of best views of this beautiful, ancient place.


roman theatre plovdiv bg

This is one of the best preserved Roman theatres still in use today during the summer periods in the city of Plovdiv.

The theatre is located on one of the three hills on which the city is built.

The theatre was built in I century AD by the Emperor Domitian when Thracia was a Roman region.

In the center of the city can also be seen the remains of an ancient Roman stadium.


The complex is located at the northern end of the three hills surrounding Plovdiv. There are testimonials of civilisation here from over 8000 years ago and has never been completely abandoned up until today, making the city one of the oldest in the world.

In Plovdiv can be seen ruins from pre-roman era (I-IV centuries), the early Byzantine period (V-VI centuries), the Middle Age(X-XIV centuries).


From the period of the end of the Bronze and Iron Ages have been found ritual pits and altars.


On the old streets of the town you can find some really pretty and trendy shops, cocktail bars, boutiques and much more.

old town plovdiv bg

On the streets of the old town you can admire the architecture of the old Bulgarian houses. Many of them have been turned into museums or restaurants so you can enjoy the interiors too.

new town plovdiv bg

In the more contemporary part of the city you can admire neoclassic and art decor architecture of the buildings.

old house

Many of the older houses have enjoyed a recent restoration, others haven’t been so lucky yet.


The locals know how to relax and enjoy the warm afternoon atmosphere of this lovely place.

For the grand finale of a truly wonderful day in Plovdiv, visitors can enjoy an evening walk and a local glass of wine in the park ‘garden of tzar Simeon’.

garden of tzar simeon plovdiv

Every evening there is a wonderful fountain display and Friday evenings visitors and locals alike can enjoy a wonderful fountain show with music and colours.

plovdiv fountains


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