Cream Tea Experience in Dorking

Afternoon cream tea is probably the one the most famous and enjoyable English traditions. There is nothing like relaxing over a cup of tea and picking from a selection of cakes, sandwiches and other delicious treats! As locals say- it’s LOVELY!

Most coffee/tea shops offer afternoon tea but not that many provide the whole afternoon tea experience: relaxing atmosphere, variety of teas, sandwiches, cakes and scones. I came across a lovely tea room in Dorking and feel like it deserves a mention in my travel section.

First of all, Dorking is a historic town market located in Surrey, England. The town is small but offers plenty of activities for a day visit. The tea room is located on West St. Dorking, just off the high street.

scones and clotted cream in Dorking

Fruit scones and clotted cream

The Atmosphere

As you walk in the shop, the vintage atmosphere is all around you- from the Elvis Presley soundtrack to the vintage images on the tables.


eat itThere is quite a bit of vintage literature to enjoy while waiting for your cream tea to arrive.

As well as the posters and cards around, the shop also sells all sorts of vintage items, jewellery, clothes, home accessories and more.


The Food

It’s all about the cream tea for me, which comes with tea and scone, clotted cream and jam- £4,50. As well as this, there is a variety of sandwiches, cakes, and toasts.

The Drinks

The tea variety is rich enough for most tastes. As well as traditional English teas, there also some exotic flavours and products from Asia such as the flower green tea. There are also smoothies, a variety of coffees and soft drinks too.

Various home accessories

Various home accessories

cream tea dorking

Lovely vintage tea cups

tea room dorking

Afternoon cream tea

Overall, if you’re around Dorking and love tea, this is a lovely place to visit. I enjoyed my afternoon there.

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