Rock Climbing UK- Dartmoor

For those interested in climbing, Dartmoor National Park, England offers wonderful natural formations that are a dream come true for bouldering enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Visiting for the weekend from London by car is easy and affordable for a break packed with adventure and free adrenaline!

Rock Climbing UK

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The National Park covers a fairly large area (over 900 sq. km.), with climbing opportunities spread out between five logical areas:

  • The Haytor Area
  • The Bovey and Teign Valleys
  • The Moor Tors North
  • The Moor Thors South
  • The Dewerstone

map dartmoore

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Most visitors arrive to the Dartmoor rock formations through Heytor Area, as there is easy access from the A38 and the attractive rocks there are easy to climb by most people and it seemed very popular among children too. There are also visitor facilities such as car park, public toilets and refreshments van.


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There are several guides and online guides for visitors and climbers so I won’t be going into much detail on each location.

Rock Climbing UK

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Within each area there are plenty of problems for climbers to conquer. The level of difficulty can vary as in the climbing gym, however it appeared to us to be harder to climb on the rocks rather than on the smooth plastic wall in the gym. On the other hand some of us found more motivation and excitement – therefore performed better- when climbing on the rocks than in the gym. The reason for this was the wave of adrenaline that your body produces when exposed to the hard and sharp surface of the stones.


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It is essential to be equipped with crash mats and climbing shoes, but on top of this it’s a very good idea to have some energy bars and coffee. We took our gas stove and Italian machinetta and prepared a strong cup of coffee during our break- it was an excellent idea.


img. credit @doroteya6

There are plenty of climbers in each area and they seem to be more than happy to share their knowledge about the rock formations and various difficulties of each one. If you don’t happen to meet any of them there are online guides to help you find your level.








The local area offers hotels, cottages to rent, camp sites and many people even camp by the rocks for free.


img. credit @doroteya6

We went to a camp site nest to Postbridge, about 20min drive from Haytor Area, surrounded by pine trees and lovely water streams. Unfortunately this also means a lot of humidity and mosquitoes. The cost was £7.5 per night per person and there were fire spots available. The camp offered the basic facilities: toilers, showers and a mini shop selling meat, fire logs and disposable bbq.



img. credit @doroteya6


Surprisingly it could be quite uneasy to find a place serving breakfast in close proximity to the climbing areas as most pubs open after 11am and many local hotels only offer breakfast to its guests. However we found a beautiful cafe offering amazing fresh breakfast in the town centre of Dartmoore called Fox Tor Cafe. The food seemed to be all local produce- incredibly fresh and delicious. The cafe also offered local souvenirs of Dartmoore prison.

Overall, a beautiful place to visit and an amazing climbing destination. The views are spectacular, whatever the weather, the food is wonderful and there are activities for the whole family. Highly recommended, especially if you’re after an adventure weekend away from the city chaos!



img. credit @doroteya6

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