What Does it Take to Be the Best Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are one of the most expressive form of art that people have been practising for many years. Tattoo artists have quite specific and different set of skills to those of other visual artists.

To start, errors aren’t allowed and the attention to detail is a must. Therefore a tattoo artists deserve a special artistic skill job description including the following:

  • Being able to draw and design
  • Impeccable art critique
  • Having good knowledge on art, history of art and tattoo art
  • Having imagination but not free-styling
  • Being able to follow briefs to the smallest detail
  • Not re-interpreting designs
  • Highly creative
  • Being very responsible as the responsibility is high
  • Having very steady hand
  • Precise
  • Being able to maintain concentration for longer periods of time
  • Being analytical
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • ridiculous about hygiene
  • Having good understanding of human body and anatomy
  • Having in-depth knowledge of skin and pain receptors in the different areas of the body
  • Being able to advise on chosen designs
  • Being able to refuse a bad tattoo proposal (F.U on the forehead)
  • Being able to judge the sanity of the client before committing to the work
  • Good communication and customer service skills
  • Good personal presence- when it comes to skin people do judge by the looks!
  • Being OCD- the only time when being OCD pays off!

See here some amazing tattoos by brilliant tattoo artists and what does it take to be a tattooist.

amazing tttoos

Tattoo by M. Milanov at Ink’em Tattoo Shop



Amazing Egyptian themed sleeve, includes a large side profile of Tutankhamun and pyramids surrounded by sand dunes. Tattoo by Arlo DiCristina, an artist based in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.


Tattoo by M. Milanov at Ink’em Tattoo Shop

realistic tattoo

Amazing realistic tattoo as seen in the article by Francesco Mugnai.


As seen in 100 amazing tattoos by BRIAN CORNWELL


Samurai tattoo by M. Milanov at Ink’em Tattoo Shop


3d tattoo

As seen in Odd Stuff Magazine



sardegna tattoo



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