Cake Photography


One of my favourite subjects to photograph include cakes, not only because I get to eat some afterwords, but because they offer wonderful colours, textures and shapes to play with when photographing!

With the bakery products below I had a chance to get close and capture the fusion of ingredients and different textures…

winner small

border 2 sm

In the macro shoot above, I focused on texture rather than the cake as a whole. I use this technique a lot, which helps appreciating individual elements despite the origins of the photographed subject. It works well regardless of whether it’s a delicious cake or a rotten apple!

corner cake small

win sm.jpg

In this off-canvas shot I gave even more wight to the cake thanks to the white space on the left.

dave 2 small

dave small

indian top small


Believe it or not, the below jacket potato it’s actually a sponge cake coated in sugar paste and strawberry sauce.

jp small

I avoided going too close because photographing sugary, or very oily elements in much detail looks unhealthy and a bit disgusting – in my view.

A good foot photography should make your mouth water.

jp 2 small

Each year in an Epsom based digital agency, where I work, happens this famous bake off. The competition gets SEOs, designers, developers and managers to roll their sleeves up and produce the best of their baking abilities in order to raise money for a local charity.

This year, again, the bakers have produced some great works!

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