Life and Death

I tend to take a lot of photos of death, and decay but not because I’m terribly morbid (I’m only a mildly…) but because I believe death is not the end… just another form of existence.

As such I continue to treat the ‘dead’ as any other photography opportunity.

The below is the skull of a dear we found in the forests around Surrey.

skull of a dear on a blue background

skull of a dear

The dear skull is being photographed exactly as found. Initially I considered cleaning it up but then I thought that it would be a real shame to erase the signs of time from this forest creature.

dear not scary

dear scoll

Inevitably I had to explore it’s dark side too.  All I had to do was to change the angle and reduce the colours.

There you have it, a terrifying skull result…

scary dear

Same thing with a splash of filtering…

dear filter

scary dear skull

Speaking of other images of what people refer to death is the series of mold photography I’ve worked on for a while now.

Because mold occurs after something passes its ‘best before date’ it’s considered…dead. However, it’s (in my view) metamorphose. The decomposing substance just turns into a home of a new micro civilisation of fungi (fungus or mold).

That, seen from close is fascinating.

fungus close up

fungus close up art

More on this can be seen in this photo blog.

Life, just like death is another form of existence. In this case, premature, lacking signs of time, events and much history but beautiful nonetheless.

This is an image of my baby mushrooms I grew in my kitchen…


This is my baby mushrooms reaching full maturity

mushrooms close up

This ‘too mature’ lentil seed just turned into a beautiful new plant, a new life…

small plant

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